Visibility of Crime Watch

Crime Watch makes every effort to show the community that it is a present force in helping local authorities  maintain a safe and crime free community.  Signs are posted throughout the township assuring both residents and potential perpetrators that Crime Watch is awake.  Patrols are done using marked cars again showing the organization's presence.  Community participation in various events which reach out to local citizens show how they can be involved and ways they can prevent crime.  For 33 years Amity Township Crime Watch has been a strong presence in our community.  Over the years you've seen them at Community Days , Boy Scout Carnivals, and Amity Fire Department carnivals.  More recently Crime watch has helped sponsor the "Night Out" which brings the community together with first responders.  The National Association of Town Watch (NATW) has promoted "National Night Out" throughout the nation.  Another purpose of the visibility is to educate the public that such a voluntary organization exists.  This has resulted in new members and people willing to join the Crime Prevention Network.

The Officers and Board of Directors

Officers and a Board of Directors govern Amity Township Crime Watch, Inc..  They make much of the business decisions and do much of the planning for the organization.  The officers are elected annually and the board members serve for three years terms.  No one is compensated in any way and board decisions are shared with the membership.  At all times input from the members is encouraged.  This organization belongs to the community and the community's input is necessary if Crime watch is to be affective.  The organization operates according to its By Laws, has been incorporated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and has been granted 501 (c) 3 tax exempt status by the IRS.

The Members

The membership is made up of  mostly Amity Township Residents although residency is not a requirement.   Members must be 18 years of age or older and successfully pass a background check done by the local police dept..  Members can be as involved as they wish, but hopefully they will consider patrolling, committee assignments, and participating in a variety of activities. They are part of a team which involves local law enforcement, other related agencies, and all others wishing to prevent or deter crime. Everybody can help in keeping law and order in Amity Township.  You can print out a ATCW Brochure for more information.  To become a member fill out an Application and bring it to a Crime watch Meeting.


It has never been a primary purpose of Crime watch to raise money.  Instead many costs are born by the volunteers themselves including auto expenses (used on patrols), some "office expenses," cell phones, and computers.  No officer, director, or member is compensated in any manner.  Crime watch meets at a church hall and provides the church a donation.  Other expenses are mostly postage, the website, promotional materials, programs, and certain volunteer expenses.  Individuals and some local businesses have donated funds which underwrite the few expenses of the organization.  Rather it is volunteer intensive making the best use of people's time rather than asking for money.  Funds are still imperative however, but only for operational purposes.  In the past funds were raised at Community Days when kids flocked to play the golf game and adults participated in a raffle.  Since then Crime Watch has continued to receive some funds through the generosity of the public.  Surpluses are generally used to fund law enforcement projects. Donations however are very appreciated and we are most grateful for such generosity.

We Have Fun Too

Crime Watch Members have fun too!  Every summer a picnic is held for Crime Watch members and their families.  In December the Annual Meeting (election of officers and board members) is conducted before the Annual Christmas Party.  Members and their families have a HO HO HO jolly good time enjoying great food and even a visit from Santa.  After meetings and activities the Crime Watch Family has a chance to socialize before moving on with their busy schedules.